Rock Westfall

Since 1989 Rock Westfall has been a sports gambling handicapper, writer, and radio commentator. The Winner's Circle of Sports handicapping champion has covered all sports extensively throughout his career with an emphasis on college football and the National Hockey League.

Latest article written by Rock Westfall... No rivalry in sports can match the Iron Bowl when it comes to hate, passion, high stakes, and college football tradition. The Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers boast the ultimate college football betting rivalry. The Iron Bowl has also provided job security for Auburn coach Gus Malzahn. Auburn’s wins in two of their last three against Alabama spared Gus a date with the unemployment line. Consider that back in 2017, Auburn’s Iron Bowl win over Alabama trigged a massive new contract for Malzahn. In the emotional high of that time it seemed like the right thing to do. However, since then, many Tiger fans probably wish that the extension never occurred. Of course, NOT at the cost of a loss to the Crimson Tide! ...  More

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