Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for the BetPoints™ rewards program?

Simply open an account with and start earning BetPoints™ immediately!

2. Is there a registration fee?


3. What are the conditions for membership?

You must have an account registered with and be in good standing. In addition, management may determine, at our sole discretion, that your account is not eligible depending on the type of play. Only accounts considered to be "recreational" will be allowed to participate.

4. Does my account have to be in USD in order to participate?

No it doesn't.

5. When do I start earning points?

You will start earning points as soon as you place your first wager on sports, casino, or poker. You earn points for every wager placed in the account from the date of sign-up according to this chart.

6. Where can I see my points?

To view your BetPoint balance, log in to, click on Promotions at the top of the page and then select Use my BetPoints™.

7. Can I transfer my BetPoints™ to my friend's account?

No. BetPoints™ are non transferrable.

8. How often are my points updated into my BetPoints™ rewards account?

All points earned through sports and casino are updated on a daily basis at 12:00am midnight Pacific and added daily.

9. Where can I see my membership level status?

Log in to and put the mouse over your account number to see your account number

10. How long does it take for my reward orders to be processed?

When redeeming points for cash back, your account will be updated immediately.

11. How do I move to the next level of the rewards program?

Click here to view point level information.

12. How many points do I earn for each wager I place?

View our chart on points earned for each wager. Note that Moneyline wagers on NFL, NBA, NCAA football and basketball will NOT be awarded BetPoints™. And no BetPoints™ will be awarded for wagers on office pools, or contests.

13. How are BetPoints™ calculated in a parlay bet when a selection (such as NFL, NBA, NCAA football or basketball moneyline), that earns 0 BetPoints™ is selected?

Example: $100 - 3 team parlay with 1 NFL moneyline selection.

If all 3 selections were valid, you would receive $100x2 = 200 BetPoints™. However, in this case, because a NFL moneyline selection was included, you would be awarded:

$100x [(no. of BetPoints™ awarded for selection 1 + no. of BetPoints™ awarded for selection 2 + no. BetPoints™ awarded for selection 3) / number of total selections in parlay] x 2

= $100 x ((1+1+0) /3) x 2

= 133.33 BetPoints™

14. Until when can I redeem my BetPoints™?

After eight months of inactivity, you will drop 1 status level. An account is considered inactive if no deposits or wagers have been placed. BetPoints™ become void after one year (12 months) of account inactivity. After which your BetPoints™ will be zeroed out.


If you have additional questions please forward them to [email protected]

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